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6 Tips for Caring for an Android smartphone Battery To Be Durable
Postby IDLink On 04 oktober 2019

Nowadays smartphone users spend more time on their smartphone screens, because we know smartphone is one device that can facilitate us in various activities and has many uses such as playing games, searching for information, and more.

However, excessive use is also not good because it can cause a decrease in performance on the smartphone, one of which is specifically on the battery component.

Aside from excessive use, there are many other factors that can cause the HP battery to lose or be damaged and worse, it will not be able to save power. Even more unfortunate if your smartphone is a non-removable battery, it is obviously very difficult to replace the battery and will cost a lot.

Therefore, before your smartphone experiences this, it is better for you to know some tips on how to treat HP batteries so that they last a long time and that IDlink will discuss the following.

Tips for Caring for an HP Battery To Be Durable and Durable

1. Don't Charger while Using a Cellphone

Using HP while on the charger (charging) is one of the reasons why HP batteries are quickly damaged and lost. Because it causes the battery's current power to become unstable, there is an electric current coming in and something being used.

For that, try not to do a charger while using a smartphone, and I suggest turning off your smartphone when on a charger.

2. Use an Original and Original Charger

To treat HP batteries, one of the things that must be considered is to keep the electric current received by the battery always suitable and safe. You need to know that each charger is charging a different amount of electricity so that if the charger can cause excessive charging which can cause the HP battery to swell or break.

For that, try to use an original or original charger because it has been adjusted by the factory to effectively charge the battery. But if you are forced to use another charger, you should pay attention to the amount of power received by your smartphone whether it is in accordance with the current needed by the battery.

3. Pay attention to the temperature of the smartphone

This is the beginning of our discussion above, regarding excessive smartphone use. With excessive use it will clearly cause the temperature of the HP to increase.

For that, if you feel the temperature is getting hot when using a smartphone. You should stop using it for a while, until you feel the temperature has dropped then you use it again.

4. Don't Leave the Battery Out (LowBat)

Frequent let the smartphone battery run out can cause the battery power capacity to decrease and the battery life will be shorter. Well, for that if you see the battery icon is red or the remaining power is below 20%, try to fill it up immediately, never let the HP battery run out or low battery.

5. Avoid Overcharging

Most people are also used to forgetting if they are charging an HP battery that is actually full. Well, this is one of the things that you need to pay attention to, because this can cause the HP battery to swell, reducing the power capacity of the battery and worse the battery will not be able to receive power again (damaged).

For that reason, if when you are charging your cellphone, try to pay attention to when to start charging. My advice is to do charging for only two to three hours.

6. Disable Routine HP Every Day

Many people let their smartphones be active all day even when they are sleeping. You need to know that allowing it to continue will cause your HP battery to wear out quickly. Even though it is in standby, the battery will continue to be absorbed because the HP machine is still running.

Not in terms of the battery, the worse your cell phone can be damaged. The logic is this, Humans need time to rest, as well as machines (smartphones) also need rest, because if there is no rest it will definitely feel tired, just as the engine will wear out and be damaged.

For that, I suggest turning off your Android smartphone every day, especially if you are getting to bed.

In conclusion, keep your smartphone's battery before its performance decreases, because if it happens it will obviously have an impact on yourself by replacing a new battery that requires a small budget.

Well, that's just a few tips for caring for HP batteries to last a long time. May be useful.