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How to move files from cell phone directly to flashdisk
Postby IDLink On 04 oktober 2019

In the modern era, moving files from an Android cellphone to a direct flashdisk without a PC / laptop is no longer impossible.

Similar to moving data from a computer to a flashdisk, you also have to connect the flashdisk to a smartphone so that the flashdisk drive will appear on your smartphone. But how do you connect the flashdisk to Android? Even though the flash plug is not available on the smartphone.

Well, to be able to plug in a flashdisk to a smartphone, you need a connecting cable called USB OTG (On The Go) which will be a bridge between the smartphone and flashdisk.

You can buy an OTG USB cable at the nearest electronics store in your city, the price is affordable, around Rp. 5 thousand to Rp. 20 thousand, you can already have a USB OTG cable.

That way you don't need to need a laptop to move files from your smartphone to a flash drive or vice versa. Well, for how to move files, just go to the following tutorial.

How to Move Files from HP to Flashdisk without Laptop

• Please connect the flashdisk to an Android cellphone using USB OTG.
• If so, then you will see the memory icon in the upper left corner of the screen on your Android.
• Then open the file manager or file manager application on your Android cellphone, then select any files that you want to move to the flashdisk by giving a check mark to the right of the file. For example photos, videos or music.
• Then select the "Copy / Copy" option, then look for an external storage flashdisk drive that is already connected to your Android.
• Then specify the folder in the flashdisk where you want to move the file, then select "Paste / Paste".
• Done, the file from your Android has successfully moved to flashdisk.

Make it easy, move files from the smartphone to the flashdisk, this method is perfect for those of you who don't have a laptop and want to move files from Android to a flashdisk because maybe on your Android cellphone you have full memory.

Now that's the easy way to move files from Android directly to a flashdisk without the need for a PC / Laptop. May be useful.