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How to Overcome Sweat Hands When Playing a Game
Postby IDLink On 04 oktober 2019

Hands that sweat when playing games on an Android phone are very annoying. Because when the hand is sweat, of course we will have difficulty controlling the game, even worse it cannot be controlled at all.

Most of the PUBG and Mobile Legends game players also complained with the problem of sweating hands, because we know that in the game requires fast control and focus. When the hands sweat, of course it is difficult to do.

Therefore, on this occasion Hapedroid will share tips for you on how to deal with sweaty hands while playing Android games. Well, just look at the following review.

How to Overcome Hand Sweating When Playing Android Games

1. Sprinkle Powder on the Palm

Before you want to start playing the game, first sprinkle enough powder on your palm, then rub it evenly. This is so that your hands are not moist and wet while playing.

However, you also have to pay attention to the amount of powder you use not too much. Because later it will have a bad effect on your Android screen. So, after playing, try to clean the remnants of powder left on your Android screen.

2. Play in front of the fan

One powerful way to deal with sweat hands while playing Android games is to play in front of a fan or if you can't get hit by the wind, just your hands are exposed to the wind from the fan.

I have proven this as well and of course it is very effective to make you avoid being sweaty and will be comfortable playing.

3. Use the Android Controller

If you want an easier solution without having to sprinkle powder or in front of the fan, then you can buy an Android controller at an electronics store or online shop if you don't have it yet.

The Android controller allows you to play games more easily, just put it right on the control circle on the Android screen, the model is like a chess pawn.

4. Don't Tense and Grogi

Some gamers also feel tense and nervous when playing, especially they play games in major tournaments. Though feeling tense and nervous can cause the appearance of sweat in this case the hands sweat.

Therefore, try to keep you in good condition, not nervous or tense. Remember this is just a game so you will avoid sweating hands.

Well, that's a few tips for friends whose fingers often sweat when playing Android games. May be useful.